i am a teaching assistant in the usa .I have to pass the SPEAK teat to continue as TA. But i am always getting only 45 score Emotion: crying.I have to get 50 to passs the exam.Can anyone suggest me a site or book or an effective way to pass this test.

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I have this test next month, just curious: did it go well for you? Do you have the materials to study, if so, I would like to buy them.
Hello everyone I am planning to take the TSE next month but i am totally unaware of the test pattern or preparation methods. I looked through the sample questions on ETS, Everyone is making it appear like a nightmare. I also would like to know on what scale is the scoring done I understand 50 is the minimum required but is it scored on 100? (Its not metioned on the ETS site). If anyone here is from India please give some information as to where i could get material for preparation and if there are any centers for undergoing spoken english training for TSE.
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Hi everybody, I'm looking for a website with information about the places (countries) and dates that TSE is held on. I would be thankful to you if you can help me.
I got 50 in TSE the first time I took it. How did I do it? Practise! Practise!.
I practised by recording my voice on a tape recorder whilse commenting on general issues and possible topics. After that, I listen to it and make all the necessary corrections.

I found out from friends who had taken TSE and failed that they thought the one minute was too short so they were speaking very fast. If you speak fast and you realise you are deviating from the topic, you can become too confused and will not score. The rater will not understand what you say. Number 1 lesson is speak moderately slow and never let the stop sound cut you.

Also, there is always a question on solving problems as a professional in your work place ( mistakes with customers,etc) so practise all possible situations where you must come in as a professional to solve.

There is always a question where you must leave a message on an answering machine. Learn how to greet and conclude a message. It will help you.

When answering question 1, (picture story), make sure when you begin with present tense, it continues to the end. Dont mix present and past tenses together.
This is the little advise I have for candidates.
Remember, I never used any text book or material. I just listened and watched the news broadcast on TV.

I took the TSE for five times. The fifth time I got 50 points. In order to get 50 you just need to speak fluent. As you speak to a friend. In order to prepare for the fifth time I worked daily with a teacher 1, 30 - 3 hours for a month. During my classes I talked continuly with the teacher trying to develop all the 9 sort of TSE questions, following the exam order.
Good luck!
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I got 50 at the TSE after a lot of practice. If someone needs to buy the TSE preparing materials you just can contact me!
hi friends,

If ur working on pronunciation and accent reduction...Pls check

They have a free speech evaluation and it is very helpful.

Bascially, i'm preparing for TSE and i came to know abt this site from my friend i felt very gud abt it ...and its helping me in correcting many mistakes in vowels and consonants i used to make.

jus my 2 cents..

Thank u
Indeed, the TSE is a peculiar test in that it indirectly tests the examinees recorded speech (for later assessment...) so I question its reliability (the validity studies were 'sponsored' by ETS...) as a true indicator of a student's speaking (and required comprehension...) abilities in their chosen profession or the real world.

Many of the students I encountered, when posted around the former Soviet Union as a teacher trainer, failed to score at their target level, primarily due to the anxiety this unfamiliar and unnatural situation produced... limited response time inhibiting nuanced responses etc

In a direct (OPI) speaking proficiency test, such as the speaking part of the IELTS, I observed the same adult students scoring far more closely to their 'working' speaking level, the language and setting of the OPI being closer to the discourse of their daily lives and classroom.

Washback in TSE preparation classes is certainly the most negative that I have encountered, another reason why so few fail to attain their target score. Most teachers (both native and non-native) do not understand what the point of such an 'artificial' test is, and preparation materials can be counted on one hand and appear to be of dubious quality.

This is written from personal experience, especially in Georgia and Ukraine, where accurately and fluently responding to very US customer-care centered etc recordings demands an unrealistic cultural understanding of the USA (construct validity... ability to speak English or understand US culture?) This, and numerous other deficits, raises the question of whether the TSE is a true speaking test, of relevance when deciding to employ or permit immigration, or a TOEFL 'poor-cousin' afterthought, with very limited applications?
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I am required to do TSE test. Can you please advise with books or other materials I should read to prepare myself for the test?
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