i am a teaching assistant in the usa .I have to pass the SPEAK teat to continue as TA. But i am always getting only 45 score Emotion: crying.I have to get 50 to passs the exam.Can anyone suggest me a site or book or an effective way to pass this test.

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The "passing" score depends on what you plan to do. If you're applying for permanent residency in the US, a 40 might be sufficient. Nurses require a score of at least 50. Just to be sure, check with the respective agencies. The perfect score is 60.

In many cases, you'd be required to take the TOEFL along with the TSE. The IELTS, however, may sometimes take the place of both tests.
You should get the book "Toward Speaking Excellence" by Dean Papajohn. If your school uses the older test which has 12 questions you should get the edition with the ISBN # 0472085247. I have been trying to buy this one because I have a student preparing for this test. Unfortunately I have not been able to find a copy to buy. However, I was able to borrow a copy from the library. If your school uses the newer test then get the latest edition of this book. It is easy to find on amazon.com or Barnes and Noble.
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where can I find past TSE exams with answers?
Which score is the most common for a non native of english, I know it should be a dificult answer for anyone give me back but I just took the test and I need 45. People heve taken this test which score for a person with an advanced level but still facing some mistakes is able to reach? What is the avarege score for this kind of test? on this web page I can see many people with 45. I had five good questions, another one very good and three bad ones, missing words and geting nervous. What score do you think I can take on this test ?
Hi Did you get the Sample questions from the past exams? If you did get them, can you give me the source and / or share the info?

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Yeah U might face the problem in Scoring in 50 in TSE Bcoz U had not try harder.
Spoken english is actually more easier than the written English So u need to be get some more energy for that and to improve your pronunciation regular practice is needed.Practical talking with friends and family member and reading Magazine and NewsPaper also help in improving ur Eng power as well helpful to improve pronounciation. yeah! many institute are also available for the personal development and Spoken English learning .I think this is enough for u query!!

[Emotion: crying]
Thanks for the sound advice! I wanted to know how slow should we speak? Do we stress on each & every word & do we have to incorporate american accent/pronounciation? Please post your reply to this e-mail.
I guess you gave away your materials but at can you listed them?
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Dear Juliana,

Do you still have TSE materials? 'Cose I'll be interested to buy them. If not, can you list them so everybody would know the titles?

Mersi, Ra.
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