i am a teaching assistant in the usa .I have to pass the SPEAK teat to continue as TA. But i am always getting only 45 score Emotion: crying.I have to get 50 to passs the exam.Can anyone suggest me a site or book or an effective way to pass this test.

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This is A.Ravi Kumar PhysioTherapist from India. I have attempted TSE for 4 times and I am unable to seure 50. I am always getting 40. So I feel I need some material to pass. If you could sell ur TSE material I am ready to purchase that. So please let me know if you can send me the material.

Anticipatin your reply.

take care

Hello. Than you for your advice, is very helpful for me.

I want to ask you if you remember exactly the questions that you had on the test . If you can, give me the exact question . I want to practice on this example. thank you


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Hi everybody, I will take the TSE test this saturday(may 13) and I require a score of 45. CAn anyone explain the difference between 45 and 50?
I think you have to practice the english language as if this language is your aim in this life if you did that , believe me in one year you will be so good in english and you will notice how you been and how you are now!! see you

I don't think any book may help a lot in the exam. The only way to the sucess is continious practice.

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hi ,

only thing i want to say is before you start speaking in exam you should be really good reader of books,not just read for passing tse exam,but general reading for the sheer luv for english, novels,magazines,fables,comics,articles,fiction/non fiction anything .... yes READING HELPS ..... just relax catch a nice book of your choice ,take a break from routine and make it a habit of completing a book a week and parallely put your cell phone for recording your voice in a self created topics on various issues. just try it ....all the best.
pls guide me how to prepare for the exam?
try to check or search for TSE site's...
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I am a teacher of English in India.

I understand that you are a non Native speaker of english.

The best way to clear the test is to roam about the streets in the US, instead of referring to some online stuff, you can pick up the native accent and intonation as well.

best wishes