i am a teaching assistant in the usa .I have to pass the SPEAK teat to continue as TA. But i am always getting only 45 score Emotion: crying.I have to get 50 to passs the exam.Can anyone suggest me a site or book or an effective way to pass this test.

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Dear Sir

I always face proplems when tray to speak to english people and understand their pronancation but I can understand newspapers
I'm also preparing for TSE. can anyone guide me what resources are needed to pass this exam. Thanks
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Hi, your problems with TSE are unfortunate and you are not alone. It is very difficult to obtain a perfect score mainly because there are no books to practice from. But if you live in Toronto, the TDSB (http://tdsb.on.ca ) has a pronunciation class at the Bickford Centre (777 Bloor West) four days a week from 3:30 to 5:30. This would give you some practice. As for the strategies the TOEFL.org has some sample questions which may or may not help. Pronunciation may or may not be your problem. In my experience, the biggest problem is getting your thoughts organized fast for each question and that can be done only with practice.
A book isn't going to give you the help that an instructor can because there are too many variances in English. Look under "speech-language pathologists" in the yellow pages. Many of them specialize in accent modification. Or do a search on the internet for "accent modification." Also, unversities with speech-language pathology departments will see clients to help improve their English pronunciation.

Good LucK!
i am planning to attend TSE exam . please inform me from where i will get the materials for reading or listening.
thank you
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Go to www.corspan.org and click on "Find instruction in your area." There are many corporate speech pathologists all around the country (USA) who offer accent modification training. They are listed by state on that site.

Good luck!
there's a book called "toward speaking excellence:The Michigan Guide to Maximizing Your Performance on the TSE (R) Test and SPEAK (R) Test" by dean papajohn. this is a very good book for TSE. can say this confidently coz i read this book a day prior to my test and scored 50!!!Emotion: smile
The TSE seems more difficult than it actually is because many aren't comfortable speaking into a tape recorder. It may help if you bring along a small photo of a friend. Try to imagine you're talking to the friend in the photo instead of to the recorder. Believe me, you're going to feel more comfortable and words and thoughts would flow more freely. Hope this helps!
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