Hi there. There is a quiz from book "Grammar and vocabulary for First Certificate", preparing for the ESOL First Certificate in English (FCE) (Cambridge University) . It's extracted from one module, devoted to Link words : purpose and reason. It implies upper-intermediate level. I hope it would be useful.

I phoned I need to speak to you.
2. the rain has stopped, we can go back in the garden.
3. the bus was late, I missed the meeting.
4.We took a taxi be late.
5.The traffic jam is to major roadworks.
6.Emma came first all her hard work.
7. I'm going by bus save costs.
8.I'll reply your e-mail he can buy the ticket today.
9.She didn't water the plants, they died.
10.We'll join the euro our economy will improve.
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Great test. I got 10 out of 10.
i got it all right!Emotion: smile
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I got 10 out of 10!! yehey! SaRaHEmotion: big smile
How can it be right : the traffic jam is Due TO TO major roadworks.

and not OWING TO

there can't be two To To
9/10. Nice !!!
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I'm so happy when i saw the result of my first exam in this website.9 out of 10 not bad, but i want the perfect score... more practice..
i got 9/10 ^^
i got 7... how to differentiate between because and since?
(i'm indonesian)
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.The traffic jam is owing due to to major roadworks. - why "due to" is the correct answer here?
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