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Not too shabby. Emotion: smile

If u want to eager to improve english

Suggestion are

. Reading News paper

. Listening English channgles (NDTV,IBN etc.,)

. Watching Enghlish movies

It has done lot of impact on my experience


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Oh my God, that was difficult Emotion: sad I didn't know those expressions.
Ur grammar is wrong and some spelling. If you want to ,and are eager to improve your english.

*. Listening to English channells

*.Watching English movies*

*It has created a large impact on my experience.*( yours is not technically wrong but is awkwardly worded)

Ur grammar is wrong and some spelling.

Is this intended as an ironic comment? Emotion: big smile

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sorry but you(madhusurao) too need to improve your english .
the 2nd line must be like this:
if you want to improve your english .
if you are eager to improve your english .

I'd like to remind you that written English is incorrect if it lacks the correct use of capitals.

oh my, "You scored 5 out of 12" poor....
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same here
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