I have question about testing.
In the reading comprehension, should the questions appear in order, they are refered in the text?
I mean ,can the answer of the first question be in the last paragraph, and the answer of the last question in the first paragraph?
In English Exams such as TOEFL(ibT, Pbt), IELTS(both general and academic), GRE, FCE, CAE, CPE, the order of questions are in the same way as they appear in the text.

I think there is a rule in testing, in which this fact should be considered. I think I have read it but I cannot recall it exactly.

I would be grateful if you could let me know if you know this rule in English testing.
Hello Hrsanei,
I've never heard of such a rule, but that does not mean one doesn't exist (and I certainly do not know its name).
Being familiar with many different types of English exams, I can say that the questions from reading comprehension sections I have seen follow no particular order. Most often, they are mixed-up and do not follow the text. This technique seems to test comprehension better because it requires the student to reflect upon the text as a whole and not just as sections strung together. On the other hand, since I have no experience or training in constructing test questions for ESL exams, I could be totally incorrect. Hopefully, more colleagues will notice this thread and jump in with their opinions and advice.
I am terrible sorry.Hrsanei.I wish I could help you,but I can't.
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I have taken many tests, and the design is whatever the teacher or testing agency decides to use.
I have never seen any rule that the questions must come in a particular order. Generally, for older children and adults, they are mixed up.
For very young children, who are just learning the concept of sequences of events in a story, it would be appropriate to use the order of questions to match the text.
Thank you very much for your time and help.
I do agree that, it would be more challenging to have different order of questions and I have taken many tests like that especially teacher-made ones.
But as for the standard test, you cannot find any test with mixed order of questions, at least, I am sure about TOEFL exam which I have taken two times.
The only question that might not follow any order is the one which asks the main idea of the text, the rest are in order.
BTW, thank you for your time and help.
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