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1. I like … with friends on Sundays.
a) go b) to go out c) going out d) going

2. We ... at 1 o'clock.
a) have a lunch b) have the lunch c) have lunch d) lunch

3. Thanks God, it's Friday. What ... tonight?
a) were you doing b) are you doing c) shall you do d) will you do

4. A: The phone is ringing.
B: .......................
a) I'm going to answer it. b) I answer it. c) I'm answering it. d) I'll get it.

5. ... in Moscow for 10 years now. Before that I lived in Tver.
a) I live b) I lived c) I´m living d) I´ve lived [maybe - e) I've been living ?]

6. If it ... fine tomorrow, I'll paint the windows.
a) was b) is c) were d) be [?]

7. People ... drive more carefully.
a) must b) ought c) are able d) should

8. They go jogging every morning ... fit.
a) for keep b) to keep c) for to keep d) to keeping

9. In the shop I realized that ... my wallet at home.
a) I left b) I could leave c) I´d left d) I must leave

10. You ... get married in church.
a) mustn´t b) can´t to c) don´t have to d) oughtn´t [?]

11. Oh no! I can´t see my car! I think it ...
a) stealed b) is stolen c) has been stolen d) has been stealed

12. We decided ... her a present.
a) to buy not b) don´t buy c) no buy d) not to buy

13. Have you ever thought of ... back to university?
a) to go b) going c) go d) will be going


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