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Hey guys!

It's been almost two months since my last blog here on HLTV.org, so I figured it'd be a good time to give you guys a little update on what's going on in my eSports life. As most of you know, we attended FireCore 3 a little over a week ago and then IEM6 World Championship right after in Hannover. We managed to win in London, but unfortunately dropped out in the group stage in Hannover despite of only losing one match, as we were unable to beat eSahara. Since there's a decent amount of stuff to talk about, I figured I would split it up among two blogs; one here on HLTV.org and the othr one on my team's website at www.team-winfakt.net . This one will be slightly about more general stuff, and the WinFakt blog will go over our matches with a little more in-depth analysis.

In London I decided to go see Zach Braff's play “All New People” which I enjoyed a lot and it was definitely worth a visit. Originally it was going to collide with the tournament itself, but luckily we got moved to the last group of the day which worked perfectly with my timing. I hadn't actually been to a play since I was little, although I'd been thinking about going to one on Broadway on a few of my New York trips but never ended up pulling the trigger on going. I did some sightseeing as well, but didn't end up having enough time to check out London Eye or Big Ben, so there's still some stuff left to be seen in London. I had been there earlier back in 2006 for WSVG UK, but due to the way all my teams have always been (with the exception of so hme people inEG), we hardly ever went sightseeing no matter where we went. Due to my shoutcasting gig with ESL TV, I actuallyad a new flight booked for me which meant I was not going to stop by home, and flew directly from London to Germany instead.

In Hannover I decided to stay with Marc (Nix0n) and Petar (Tgwri1s) as their apartment had an extra bed, Wi-Fi and was within walking distance of CeBIT – all luxuries that players participating in different tournaments at CeBIT are not accustomed to. I had obviously met Marc tons of times before so nothing new there, but my new Serbian friend is something else – this guy loveschocolate. Also, something that Marc and Petar have in common and can bond over more in future trips, is their terrible prediction skills (yes I said it). We had a little competition among the HLTV.org staff on-site where we predicted what every team would place in group stage, and then who would win each series in playoffs and by what score. Marc lead after group stage (the random part of the tournament), but yours truly got every match and result correct in playoffs apart from the third place decider while the two losers failed miserably on multiple counts. HLTV.org prediction champion of 2012– added on the list next to ESWC Dreamteam winner.

After returning home I posted the by now fairly well known comment on STEAM forums regarding CS:GO's current state and the lack of feedback the development team are using from CS 1.6 pros (which is literaly none at all), and PC Gamer (www.pcgamer.com) ended up contacting me for an interview on the subject. If you're interested in reading some more of my thoughts on the game, you can check it out at www.pcgamer.com/2012/03/13/pro-counter-strike-player-slams-csgo-%E2%80%9Cit%E2%80%99s-not-fun-it%E2%80%99s-a-terrible-game-right-now-%E2%80%9D/ . Honestly I'm pretty disappointed about CSGO_dev ignoring all the tweets to them about it, but at the same time I shouldn't expect much more.

As I said in the comments there, my main problem isn't the fact they're not making the game the way I want it to be – they don't certainly owe me anything, and no one is forcing them to make the game something I would like to play myself. What I do however have a problem with, is how they keep continuously mentioning how they're talking to different CS 1.6 pros to get feedback, and I know for a fact from talking to just about all of them that they aren't in contact with any of them. And for the ones thinking they're maybe working with cArn after he retired – they are not, I asked him a few days ago. I think HPE/Valve need to either listen to us and help us make the game good, or STOP claiming they do to look good for the average CS 1.6 gamer. For rest of my opinion, check out my post atforums.steampowered.com/forums/showpost.php?p=29721657&postcount=21 .

While working for ESL TV over the past week in Hannover, I also shoutcasted a bunch of games with Joe Miller and Paul “ReDeYe” Chaloner, so if you're interested in catching some of those games the VODs are up at www.ESL.tv. During the grand final I also tweeted live on my Twitter acccount (www.twitter.com/lurppis_ ) where I also posted a bunch of pictures from the grand final being played as well as a quick video to show just how many people were watching the game live at CeBIT – it was pretty cool for sure. The grand final also had over 71,000 vieweres on Twitch.TV streams which was great, but we'll see if that's enough to keep CS 1.6 as a title next year.

That's all for now, for more talk about our matches and analysis on our game check out my blog on WinFakt's site at http://www.team-winfakt.net/account/blogs/lurppis/18/FireCore--IEM-6-WC and if you're interested in almost daily updates from me check out my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/tinttibg – I update it with just about anything lurppis-related, and I answer all your questions there. Next time you will seeWinFakt in action is (unfortunately for me, as I really wanted to go to India) at Copenhagen Games on 6-7th April. Hopefully we can improve on our result from Hannover and beat some good teams.


I think that present perfect is fine there as well? Am I right?
Dusan StojilkovicI think that present perfect is fine there as well? Am I right?
No. Sorry. You're wrong.

I had been there earlier back in 2006 is correct.
I have been there earlier back in 2006 is not correct.

The reason is that you can't use a present perfect together with a reference to a specific time in the past.

Actually there was two sentences xD
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Oh, I see now. It was kind of stupid that I didn't notice it.
Anyway, thanks.
But he could've used was as well?
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Dusan StojilkovicBut he could've used was as well?
Sure. He was there back in 2006. That's fine.