I was about to ask about the color of my text, but may have located the appropriate icon as I speak. Hold fire!
But not for long - why do my posts, when they appear on the message board appear faint? Also why does the icon beside my text not, like the rest, show as blue (it's a dull grey, not that I mind especially but...)?
Hi, Jim.
Can you give us the run-down on your choice of browsers?

Have you had this problem all along with EF?
Hi Jim,

I guess you were talking about this thread . I've fixed all your posts there. The reason why they appeared so was that you didn't close all the <quote> tags. For example, to make a quote, you have to make sure you see this in the editor box:

<quote user="username">quote body</quote> (obviously, the brackets should be square)

If you miss at least one closing tag, the post will turn into what you've seen.