Hi , can you help me select one entry from the corresponding column of choices ?
- one of the Sigmund Freud's ............... remarks about the field of psychoanalysis was "sometimes a cigar is just a cigar," implying that he felt that the mind does not always attach a symbolic meaning to objects.

a. sui generis
b. gnomic
c. semiotics
d. jocular
e. psychic

the right answer given by the book is "jocular" , however my impression is that all the other choices are reasonable as well.
innertideall the other choices are reasonable as well.
I don't agree.
Would you mind picking one and explaining why you think it's reasonable?

Best regards,
- A.
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Hi Avangi , take "gnomic" for instance. a gnomic remark is brief ,often incomprehensible and seems sagacious. thanks for your time and help.
Fair enough. I think the remark has two levels. It may be sagacious in the sense that we must sometimes guard against making more of a thing than what it actually is.

But Freud was famous from the outset for inventing phallic symbolism.
That's the extent of some people's knowledge of the man.
Ask Monica Lewinsky about cigars.
Is that jocular, or what?
innertidesometimes a cigar is just a cigar,
I guess the problem is that sometimes the student offers an acceptable answer when the teacher only wants what she considers the best answer.

Edit. Also, I wouldn't say that Freud's remark is actually that "incomprehensible." A is just A. (nothing more)
thanks for your thorough answer.
BTW nice suggestive yet subtle quip about Monica Lewinsky! Emotion: yes
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