I need help writing a thank you letter. The letter is for a trust that was set up for greek education and I would like to send a letter thanking them for there generous donation that will be used for greek lititure. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.
You’ll find sample letters on the Internet; however, this might give you some clues. It was taken from a sample fund-raiser for a hospital picnic. It’s not totally appropriate – clumsy and not always believable. Good luck with it. Post again if you can use it and want help tailoring it further.

December 10, 2001

Mr. Robert Christian
4th Annual Meadowbrook
Greek Community Literacy Committee
1105 Carling Ave., Suite 1501
Ottawa, ON, K2G 1P8

Dear Robert:
The President, the Chairman, and the Board of Directors have each asked me to make sure that you receive our collective appreciation for the wonderful job you and your committee did in organizing a generous trust to enhance the appreciation of literature within the Greek community.

As everyone knows by now, the projects to be funded by your generous trust needed at least twice what resides in our treasury. With growing interest in literature, we anticipate that our own efforts would have proven to be inadequate gestures after too many more years.

We are all well aware that a viable and bright future is assured for the Greek Community Literacy Project by virtue of your generous trust.

A number of our community donors have telephoned to say how much they and their families appreciate your generosity and that they are already planning for next year’s writers’ festival. This enthusiasm has never been evident before and it means that we can already count on some major additional sponsorships for next year. An increase in Ad hoc donations will really ease the burden of next year’s salary/reimbursement program and augers well for another record-setting number of college acceptances.

Again, we sincerely thank you for your selfless gifts of time, energy, and organizational skills in making this the most generous trust recorded for the promotion of literature in our community’s history.

Yours sincerely,

Hi there.

I've learned that I might never ever be good for much, but I know I'm a decent writer. So if you need help writing that thank you letter, I would be more than happy to offer my assistance.



P.S. You have my eternal gratitude.
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