Hi everyone, could you please correct this message asap? I want to give this letter to my professor by tomorrow.

Dr. K., do you remember giving me a challenge about how to get the equation K=1/2mv2 in the lab? I had planned to work on it someday but I completely forgot after two weeks from that day. Now I solved it. It was actually more straightforward than I had thought, and the key here is just a binomial expansion, which is listed in the Appendix B of the Principle. I had the idea of doing this on Saturday night, when I was about to throw my Physics book away. I should have done that earlier but I got overwhelmed by homework and other things.

You are my most favorite teacher in CC. You made me feel like I'm part of our class. I wouldn't say Physics is my favorite class (my comments in the evaluation form are just for fun), but I was actually motivated to learn a lot of things. Just an example,I had known my left vision was super bad due to the malfunctionality of my left body system since I was born and I can do nothing for it. After talking about optic in class, I did some quick research and found out it was actually a very rare disorder called "lazy eye". I was expecting to learn more from you and your classes, and that's why I already added Pchem2! By the way, I am sorry for not being well-prepared and having a sleepy face many times in your classes. I wish I had more grey matter or better stamina to keep up with all classes at the same time.

I actually was going to ask you to sign on the cover of your pchem book on that Thursday but I changed my mind. This answer for your challenge and these warm words are my gift for you in the hope of making you happy during the last days you're in CC and let you know that you are loved by many students. I hate parting and ending, they make me sad for no reason

Dr. Kaufman, please take care and may all the lucks will go on your journey.

Oh, and I have just learned a fun fact that I want to share with you and that you may already know. Do you know why NASA was built? ---------to beat Russia!

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