Hi guys,

Do the sentences above mean the same? If not, what's the difference in the meaning between 'so' and 'very'? Thank you~
They both mean the same thing. Both are frequently used.
To some ears the version with "so" sounds ever-so-slightly 'warmer' and 'sincere'. I don't think there's any proof of that. Tone of voice has a lot to do with the communication of sincerity.Emotion: smile


I'm usually pretty happy with just a plain 'Thank you', or even 'Thanks'.

These words are the oil that makes the machinery of English culture work smoothly.

I'm constantly amazed by how so many people on this Forum never offer thanks (or please).
Perhaps this is not part of their native culture.

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The answer is: both are correct

Each phrase is correct, but it will often be found used in different situations.

For example, thank you so much might be used casually.

Alternatively, thank you very much might be used more formally.

Definition of casual

Casual is an adjective.

The adjective, casual, means relaxed and unconcerned.

This is why casual situations may be better suited to using the phrase "thank you so much".

Definition of formal

Formal is an adjective

The adjective, formal, means done in accordance with convention or etiquette.

This is why formal situations may be better suited to using the phrase "thank you very much".

Using the phrases in sentences

Example 1: Thank you so much, Mom

Example 2: Thank you so much, Sally

Example 3: Thank you very much, sir

Example 4: Thank you very much, Mr. Jefferson

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Hi Bamtori,

To me, "thank you so much"carries a more sincere feeling of gratitude. When someone goes out of his way to do something for you and you truly appreciate it you will say "thankyou so much"; usually with the "so-ooo" emphaisized.

"Thank you very much" is a rather generic expression to acknowledge for someone's helping you.

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I have been wondering the difference between these those sentences for two days, but, can I ask if there is any other way?

I think I am starting to sound boring with 'Thank you very much', 'Thanks' and so on.
Is there any other way to express it without the word 'Thank you'?Emotion: stick out tongue

Thank you in advance!
"thank you so much" adds nothing to "thank you." how much is "so"? "thank you very much" is quantitatively greater than a plain "thank you."
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I am not meaning to dispute comments thus far. Both phrases are fine but they are different. ‘Very much’ indicates a person may not have reached their solution without the assistance of the person they are thanking. It is also an extension to Thanks, thank you, and thanks a lot. However this phrase also has a darker side. It can be an antonym if spoken in a sarcastic way, as if saying ‘I thought it would be reasonable to assume you would give me assistance but now I am back to where I was, (or: you have made it worse)’.

‘So much’ can be an appreciation of an act supplied to a recipient. The ‘so’ also leaves the interpretation of the quality and quantity to the recipient. But one of the main differences between the phrases is that, as yet, there is no negative or antonym connotations to ‘so much’.

I first heard this newer phrase from guitar virtuoso Tommy Emmanuel about ten years ago and since then it seems nearly every live musician has adopted it to show appreciation to applause regardless of whether applause is boisterous or even non existent.

Dougalthere is are no negative or antonym connotations to ‘so much’.

Maybe you just haven't heard it that way yet. I have.


Hi Clive,

You are right. Sometimes when you see ppl forget to say the two simple words! (Thank You) and even one simple word (please) makes you feel different! Even if you know they are coming from different cultural backgrounds!

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