I am quite curious if it's quite logical and reasonable to say 'thank you in advance'. I know it's quite common, but I've never used it. Would a native say so? I would also like a few comments (of yours) on this.

Thank you.

Warm regards
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Hi Prajwal
I would just stick to using Thank You. Thank You in advance sounds ... different ...
Thanks for your reply, KRK. I suppose you haven't used it too.

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It's OK in casual English. But it assumes that the other person will do what is asked, so only use it if you are sure about this.

I would avoid it in business English.

Thank you very much, Clive.

Warm regards
I guess we can use it here (englishforums.com) as it's for knowledge purposes and not for any business opportunities.
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mainak.basudevI guess we can use it here (englishforums.com)
No problem! Emotion: smile

It's definitely better than saying nothing at all(some people forget say 'thank you')

Yup! Emotion: smile

Yes, I'm constantly amazed at how some people here never say 'please' or 'thank you'.

I'm starting to wonder if politeness is just not a feature of some cultures at all.

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