Just a short note to thank-you for the recommendation you gave me yesterday. Your well-chosen words were a big boost in getting me the energy I needed.

I sincerely appreciate your help.


Is the register adequate in this letter?
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Is this a thank you to someone on the forum who helped you? Or is this an actual letter you need help with?
It's a thank you letter to my best FRIEND.
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well its a bit formal for your best friend.

this is what i'd put.

"Thanks for the recommendation yesterday. Your well chosen words were a big boost; just the motivation i needed! Your help is really appreciated!

Your's Gratefully,
What should I write if I wanted to write a letter to my boyfriend?
Well what sort of things would you like to say to your boyfriend, I'm not gonna sit here and create content for you. Emotion: stick out tongueEmotion: smile
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Well, the same things that I said to my friend but more romantic and intimate, maybe more.... Lol. You can be as creative as you like. Thanks in advance.

Thanks for last night.

Yours Hungrily,

... hows that Emotion: big smile lol
Maybe I would also like to say I miss him so much. Anyway to embellish that sentence?
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