I woul like to write a thank you letter to my profesor for giving me the valuable recommendation letter.

Would you pls suggest me how should I write?
Dear Professor ____:

I would like to thank you sincerely for the wonderful recommendation letter you have provided to Harvard University. (I am happy to inform you that i have been excepted into the University law program.)

It has been my dream since i was a child to follow in my father's footsteps and attend Harvard Univ. Considering Harvard's excellent law program, i am certain that i will not be disappointed in my decision to attend the university.

I have always respected you as a professor and trusted your opinion. Therefore I am very honored to have had the opportunity for you to write my letter of recommendation.

Please accept my sincere thanks and gratitude for the time you took to help me in my endeavors. I hope one day you will allow me the honor of returning a favor to you.


John M. Doe

Perhaps if you were close to the professor, it might be appropriate to include a picture of you in front of your new university/place of work with the head of the department of your studies. Or if you're working now, a picture of you with your boss in front of your office building?? Be cautious about this, however, if you did not have a very personal relationship with this professor.
Should read accepted Not excepted. Last sentence about returning the favour not a good idea
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Thanks for catching my typo--sometimes i think i type too fast for my own good!

Although I do disagree with your comment about the favor. It seems like nice way to express your gratitude. I would imagine it's all a matter of how well you know the prof and your personal opinion when writing it.

Be cautious about including a picture if you did not have a very personal relationship with this prof...

What do you mean?
You should try avoiding the use of I. Focus on the you attitude. Makes the reciever feel more important.
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Kristin, your grammar is in need of some work. I agree with David. Short terms like Univ. is not acceptable. This letter should be formally written with impecable grammar. Returning a favor? University law program should be capitalized. "to attend the university" should be University. On and on I could go. I hope no one used this letter. Aweful.