i just sent my resume to one of the company. however, there is no vacancy inside their organization. but i still want to thank him for replying my mail. here is the email from him and i'll try my best to answer it.

Dear Hampeh

Thank you for expressing your interest in working with XYZ and for providing a copy of your CV.

Although you have a good range of Information Technology skills
unfortunately we do not have any vacancies suitable for you at this
time. We will keep your details on file and will contact you should a
suitable opportunity arise, though please be aware for the majority of
roles you would need to be US based.

We wish you every success in the future and good luck with the CCNA

Kind regards


Dear John,

Thank you for your prompt reply and the opportunity given. I'm really appreciate it.
Emotion: sad somehow, i just stuck here. i don't know what else i should write to him. I really hope i can write better and have more ideas.

Dear John,

Thank you for your prompt reply and for considering my application. I really appreciate it.

Dear Clive,

Thank you for your prompt reply Emotion: smile. I really appreciate it.

hmm...i think i should write more here. maybe i should write somekind of story or whatever so i can practice the writing skills here. lot of nice people here who will correct me ifi make any mistake. thank you all..

you're awesome (i always find this sentence in the movie Emotion: smile)