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Dear XX
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your guidance and your strength during my stay at the ICT. You have been an inspiration and a true legend in my life, but it is time for me to stretch my wings and fly.
While working with you I have learned quite a lot and will take all the good you have planted in me to higher levels. The manner in which you lead is the ways I can sure adapt to and I salute you courage’s strong man.

I would also take this opportunity to apologise for everything that annoyed you intentionally and unintentionally.

Hope we will meet again in the near future and stay the mentor and spearhead that you are.

Thank you for everything.

Kind regards;
ICT means
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Actually... I am taking a communications class, and "I" statements are actually very good to use.
AnonymousICT means
Thank you 😊 a lot
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