Hello all.

I wonder if "Thank you much." sounds OK or not.
I've heard "Thank you." "Thank you very much." but "Thank you much."
Does "much" following "Thank you" goes without "very"?

Thank you very much for your help!!
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To anita a,

Re: "I very much admire his work" is also wrong.

It would be advisable to first type "I very much admire.." in the Google search engine, take a close look at the 3 million+ results and then assert that the above sentence is wrong.

As for the usage, "I much admire..", I quote Robert William Service, a Canadian poet who was born in England:-

"I much admire, I must admit,
The man who robs a Bank;
It takes a lot of guts and grit,
For lack of which I thank
The gods: a chap 'twould make of me
You wouldn't ask to tea."

Hello guys

One of my dictionaries (Genius E-J dictionary) explains the adverbial use of "much" as follows:

[1] Adverbial "much" is usually used in negative or interrogative sentences.
(EX) I don't like the picture much =I don't much like the picture.
(EX) Do you see him much?

[2] When "much" is in assertive contexts, it is usually modified by "very" or "so".
(EX) I like the picture very much.

[3] But "much" can be used even in assertive sentences when the verbs combined with it are those like "admire", "appreciate", "prefer", "regret", or "surpass". When it is used this way, "much" should be put in a pre-verbal position.
(EX) I much prefer a dry wine.
(EX) I would much appreciate advice from moderators.

[4] "Much" can be used to modify some negative-sense adjectives like "annoyed", "confused" or "distressed". Positive-sense adjectives are modified by "very" or "very much" when they are used in assertive predicates, but they can be modified by "much" in the negative/interrogative sentences.
(EX) I was very pleased by what I saw there.
(EX) I was very much pleased by what I saw there.
(EX) I was not much pleased by what I saw there.
(EX) Were you much pleased by what you saw there?

This is what I found in the dictionary, but I myself am wondering why we should not use "much" in assertive/positive contexts. Could someone kindly give me a reasonable explanation?

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The idea you bring up as Point [3] is exactly what I would have said had I been here at the time in response to Temico's question. "greatly" is another adverb that frequently occurs before a verb in the group called the "admire" verbs: appreciate, enjoy, prize, esteem, treasure, ... (I greatly appreciate ...; We greatly treasure ...; etc.)
"Thank you so very much" is this sentence correct??????
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"Much" should stand alone. The "Very" is close to being redundant.

As an ancient editor. consider the following.


1, the new price of the cAR IS NOW $3,000 underthe listed price..... the listed price........... or,

2. ......is now $3,000" less than.....". How many times each day do you find that "usual advertising error and also the conflicting use of

Sorry, I don't understand your question,.

Please start a new thread for a new question.

It should be either 'Thank you' or if you want to stress your gratitude, 'Thank you very much' The gentlemans reply where he told you that you do not need to use 'much' is incorrect
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You never hear 'Thank you much' in England
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