Hello all.

I wonder if "Thank you much." sounds OK or not.
I've heard "Thank you." "Thank you very much." but "Thank you much."
Does "much" following "Thank you" goes without "very"?

Thank you very much for your help!!
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Welcome norisuke.

"Thank you much." is not correct English.

You can say "thank you very much" or even "thank you so much".
Thank you very much for your quick reply, abbie.

I would appreciate if you could explain why "Thank you much." is not correct English.

Thank you again for your great help.
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I agree that it's not correct, but you do hear people say "Thank you much," at least in America. I might even say it myself, in an informal situation - I guess you could call it a sort of "folksy" sounding slang. --khoff
Hmmm. I occasionally say "Thanks much", leaving out the "very", but not "Thank you much", also leaving out the "very". Maybe that's because "thanks" already is more informal than "thank you", so, to me, being a little sloppy is more OK with "thanks" than with "thank you"!


"much" is not correct English in "Thank you much" because "much", used by itself as an adverb of degree, is restricted to non-assertive contexts. In assertive contexts it must be accompanied by "very", forming "very much".

Therefore, in these assertions (with the usual meaning of '*' = not correct):

*They love each other much.
*I admire his work much.


They love each other very much.
I admire his work very much.

And (non-assertions):

They don't love each other much.
I don't admire his work much.
Do they love each other much?
Do you admire his work much?

(Non-assertions may add "very", optionally, and often do.)

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Thanks muchly Jim! I just knew someone would come up with a logical grammatical explanation so i didn't have to!![K]
To CalifJim,

How about the sentence, "I much admire his work." Is it correct English or not?
Sorry for answering ... a question directed to Califjim...

It is wrong. "I much admire his work" is wrong. much has to be preceeded by very. The reason being the same... adverb of degree in an assertive sentence...And the sentence has to be " I admire his work very much". "I very much admire his work" is also wrong.
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