I want to write a small note to my doctor that helped me gave birth .Any ideas please? Thanks
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Is there anything special that you would like to thank the Doctor for?
Was he/she kind, thoughtful, patient, did he/she explain things well to you?
Did the Doctor make you feel safe or secure, did he/she show you consideration?
Was the Doctor sensitive to your feelings.
Did the Doctor contribute in a positive way to make the birth a rewarding and enriching experience?
What you say in your thankyou letter would depend on what it is you want to thank the Doctor for.
Write a rough draft for us to look at.

By the way, I'm now curious to know how the birth went and what were the results?

Should Doctor be written with a capitol D ?
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Yes in the address, because you are writing to a specific doctor, not about doctors in general (as I am here).

Dear Dr XXXXX,

But then in the letter you would say 'You are the best doctor I have ever met'...etc
Hey Thanks for getting back to me I will certainly write a draft and then post it, I see my doctor in a few weeks but I never really got to say thanks. You gave so many ideas Thanks Alot!Emotion: surpriseEmotion: big smileEmotion: thinking[L]

Giving birth to my second child was unbeliveable I was in so much pain and I was in labor for 18 hours 1/2 it was natural birth and my baby was born at 3:30pm on Saturday March 27,2005 Easter Baby!!! He weight 7 pounds and was 20 inches long and that is it for me..Emotion: smile

Thanks and I will post soon a draft.
Thanks.... for replying I will add that line too!Emotion: smileEmotion: smileEmotion: smile
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Congratulations on your baby!
Dear Doctor Hinds,

Thank you for always being there on my behalf.

I am so grateful that you are in my life.

You are to me a gift from God.

Not only as a Doctor,but also, as a Person &

a Friend.

May you have the Happiest of Holidays and 2008.

With much appreciation.

thank you for your job which you have done it
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