Could you, please, explain what is the meaning of "thank you the same":

"When I told the old man that we did not have any money left, he told us, “Please do not worry, I understand, thank you the same, and may God ..."
Does it mean that someone is equally thankful or he returns "thank you", just as "the same to you"?

Thank you
"Thank you the same" is not English. The idiom is "Thank you all the same" or "Thank you just the same." It means "I thank you even though you didn't give me anything." The idea is he is thanking you the same as he would if you had given him something.
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Oh, I see. Thanks for explaining this to me. I've got another question concerning "the same".
Is it acceptable to say: "The same" and omit "to you", e.g.

- Have a nice day
- The same (to you)
Not where I live, but we usually omit "the" or add "and": "Same to you." or "And the same to you."
Thank you for your help, Enoon Emotion: smile
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It's more like "Thank you, anyway".

It' s italian language: " Grazie lo stesso" = Thank you the same".