Sometimes I end my post to a forums member with Thanks for always helping me to show my gratitude. As a matter of fact, that member hasn't always helped me; he only helps me when he has time or is available. So they don't always help me when I need help. Is it still correct to use that sentece? I'm not saying that I shouldn't offer my thanks to someone but I believe the literal meaning of the sentence is more sugar-coated than it should be.
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These things are never intended nor taken literally.
But I appreciate the thanks, no matter how it is said. Sometimes I spend a lot of time and thought answering a question, and never know if the poser has seen it, liked it, understood it, learned from it, etc.
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Thanks a lot. I was having the same doubt.
It's always appreciated when someone thanks us, no matter how they say it.

It surprises me how many people don't bother.

Hi fellow members

1. If I end my question with "Many thanks in advance", should I say "Many thanks" again when my question has been answered?

I've already thanked in advance whoever responds to my query. Is it OK to thank again?

2. If I post a question without saying thanks, then I think it is correct to say "Thanks" to the member who answers my query since I have not thanked him/her when I posted my question.

I would like to know the views of other members on this.

Many thanks in advance.
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I think thanks in advance is/are a nice gesture, but no substitute for thanks based on a genuine tasting of the goods.

I gave someone a couple of bottles of wine the other day in appreciation of a favor, and they thanked me on receipt of it. Then I received another thank you in the mail, saying how much they had actually enjoyed the wine. Frankly, that meant a lot more to me, since I had been worried they might not like it.

Similarly, in the Forums, it means a lot to know that your efforts have been useful. If I gave someone a gift of a musical instrument, it would mean more to me to hear them play it than it would to hear them make a beautiful thank you speech.
Hi Avangi

Are you saying it is OK to say 'thanks' after posting and 'thanks' again after receiving a reply?

Many thanks.
CliveIt surprises me how many people don't bother.


Me it shocks and disapppoints.
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