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Dear Mr [surname],

Thank you very much for the opportunity you gave me last year in promoting me. I will devote my full efforts to meet the expectations of our organization in the changing environment.

Sincerely yours,

K. Mohanavel
Anyone can give me any suggestions on this letter to help me write better. Thanks.

Dear Sir,

Appointment Letter To Rennovate Of Shop

With reference to the above matter, we wish to appoint your contractor to do some renovations to the shop that we are presently renting in Airport.

We hope that can get your reply as soon as possible. If you have any queries please contact Mr Lim at <telephone number>. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank You.

Your Sincerely, _______
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I was promoted director of housekeeping and I want to write a letter of thank you to my boss to show my appreciation.
Did you read any of this thread?

We don't provide letters, write letters, draft letters, suggest letters, or anything else.

We help you make the letters YOU write better.

You can read though letters here [or in the [url=http://www.englishforums.com/English/FormalGeneralBusinessLetterWriting-EnglishLanguage/Forum5.htm ] Announcements and FAQs[/url] ] to see if there is one that you want to borrow. You can contact your human resources department for a template. You can draft one from scratch.

Then post it here and someone will read it an offer you suggestions.

My boss gave me a recognition for helping out working on one of our important projects. can you pls help me write a thank you letter for this one?
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Anonymous ... The manifestation of your unwavering support and guidance further by this opportunity given me, streghten my confidence and motivates me more to give my darnest best in facing the new challenges and ultimately be a partner in attaining our corporate goal and eventual growth of our company ...

please advice me the meaning of darnest best
'Darnest best' should read 'darnedest best' and is extremely casual English for 'very best', 'very hardest'.
Dear Sirs,

I found this is very intersting topic that I am looking for, could you please help to give me advice the time I should write this letter ? Right after receiving the advice from Boss or after having the official Notice in writing ?

So much thanks for your reply
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You will, I hope, have already thanked your boss when he tells you that you are getting a promotion, so if you wish to write a letter also, do it after receiving official written notification.
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