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hey guys i was offered ajob on july 2008 but i had to go to my coutry cause my dad passed away and i just came back from there and basically did no show no call for my trainig and i really like the the job how can'i get the job back??

thank u sooo much
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I doubt that you can.

For one thing, this all happened almost a year ago.

But if you want to try, you could write a letter apologizing and explaining.

Best wishes, Clive

Dear Sir/Madem

Kindly help me to write a wouderful letter to my Boss thanking him about my Promotion. I will be so glad if you can help me out please.

thanks & regards,

Bashir Ahmad
Just write as if you were speaking to him/her/them.
When you have composed your letter, you can post it here, and we will check it for you.
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Dear Sir,

Eid Mubarak!

Thanks to management committee specially you for given me this charge. pray for me that i can perform my duties and responsibilities corrcetly.

best regards-


please help me to send a thanks giving mail to my boss for a sudden increase in salary from 180 to 250 rials


Letter of Acknowledgement

In answer to your letter of July --th, 2010; I would like to sincerely thank you for offering me your heartiest greetings. Indeed this is an expression of faith in my abilities that management has exhibited by this gesture. Therefore, I am very much pleased to accept the challenge as an opportunity for advancement and look forward towards its accomplishment in the best possible manner.

You are very right in referring to the potential Home Remittance will be unrevealing in near future to come. Further the manifestation of your unwavering support and guidance strengthens my confidence and motivates me more to give my utmost best in facing the new challenges and ultimately be a partner in attaining our corporate goal and eventual growth of our bank.

Cordially Yours,
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I am very pleased to accept this promotion offer.
I want to thank you all for the expression of faith in my abilities that you have exhibited by this gesture
and will certainly do my very best in future.

Thanks again,

.....your name

ablove few lines are more than sufficient for that.
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