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Hi Clive,

Could you please let me know ur gmail id. I would like to keep in touch with you, as i need ur assistance in correcting my mails.



Sorry, I just help people in the public forum.

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Dear Sir,

I was searching a thank you mail for promotion & I found your above written letter.....You are excellent in writing letters.

Will glad to buy a book of you if you write one on writing letters.

Thanks Once again.


Respected Mr. Smith,

Sir, I felt very honoured that you considered me for promotion, my heartfelt thanks for the same. I am also obliged for the faith shown on my ability by you. I promise you of my best services & efforts towards the uplift of company's business.

Thanking you ones again,

Yours sincerely
Can you please write me a etter. I did not read this thread or will i give you any fo on what i need
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Anonymous I did not read this thread
If you can't, won't or don't read, then sorry, we cannot help you.

If you write your own draft and post it, we will help you to correct your mistakes.
Dear All,

we have a new opening in our company and i would like to apply for the position and i was wondering if anyone can help me to write a letter convincing my boss that i am the best candidate for the job. i am very passationate about what i do and extremely motivated. i have what all the knowledge required to take on this new challenge. can anyone help me put a letter together.

kind Regards
Please read this 8-page thread and do as instructed.
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Hii i would to sent thank full letter can u check if there iz grammer mistake.
Dear Mrs.Smith,
I would like to sincerely thank you for taking your precious time in helping me in my paper.I want to thank you for the expression of faith in my work for 30 yrs in your company.This letter is not enough to show you my appreciate my thank full but this is the least i can do.

Respectfully yours,
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