Translation is slow and difficult work, yet so rich and rewarding. I have tasted the difficulty of this work a few times in my life, but none of the poems I have translated were as complex as the poems these students, teachers, and parents labored over. I have just enough empathy to appreciate how wonderful an achievement this publication is. Yet unfortunately not enough to offer a specific insight into the treasures that follow. With this constraint, I offer a few general words.


The underlined part, “that follow” is hard to understand? If it is, “Listen to him and enjoy the fruits that follow”, in this sentence, it is easy to know what “that follow” refers to. It refers to the result that comes from the fact that I listened to him.

But in the example above, “that follow” is a little ambiguous....


This sounds like the introduction to a book of poems. If so, that follow means 'the poems that follow this introduction'.


I see....

Thanks a lot, Clive!!!