Last week, I finally got along with Jim. We really had in common--We love video games. Today I'm going to have him down to a primitive building in wales to find out, if there were really ghosts in that building like the news said, so I woke Jim up. He was sleeping on the couch, waked up and miffed at me for waking him up. "I'm not ready for this! I'm tired" said he. Then We went to the store to buy some torches. Since I didn't have much money, had ton of bills to pay so I needed to find a good, cheap torch. We shopped around and eventually, managed to get the best, cheap torch in the store. Jim said "You must be off your rocket to enter that haunted building". I kinda ignored him at that time and we started driving to the haunted building. When we arrived, Jim cried like a baby. I can't have a look at his face and laughed. He cried like a newborn baby. Unfortunately, he can't refuse to go this time as he accepted to enter the building with me last night. We entered the building. Surprised! We were walking around the hall. A chair—which was placed in the left corner— started to levitate. We ran out of the building real quick—We never enter that building again.

Interesting. I suggest you to add a little bit description to the building of your story, like to describe it from outside and inside. That would give your story a sort of realism that makes it more exciting.