people that pretend/take___ seriously etc....or people who pretend/take___seriously etc.

which is correct??
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With your slashes and your blank spaces, I'm not sure what sentence you're actually trying to write. However, as a general rule, use "who" for people.
becoz i noticed some people use sentence like 'people that pretend to be pseudo-intellecuals'. i always thought it was 'people WHO blahblah' not people THAT.
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"That" is certainly used a great deal, and it may be one of those "rules" that no longer apply (like splitting an infinitive), but it's one I still cling to. Emotion: smile
ohh. so you mean either one of them is correct?
Not in my opinion. But I may be a hold-out. Others may no longer find this incorrect.
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and what about people with jesus in their 'heart' or 'hearts'
It's an awkward area for English, but in this case, you know that each person has only one heart, so you can use either one.

If you say "hearts" no one will think one person has two hearts. If you say "heart" no one will think that everyone shares one giant heart. But similar constructions with other nouns in which people could share, or people could have two, can be difficult. There are no easy resolutions.

I'm a newbie, and have found this topic interesting, so I'd like to put in my 2 cents.

I know that in American English, especially in California, L.A. I heard people use "That" - for "who" or "which" in daily conversation.

As for me, I don't mind using "that" for most of the time, but in writing I try my best to use "who / which" correctly.

I'd love to hear from you all.

Best wishes,
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