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What does the word 'that' mean here? Would anything change if 'this' was substituted for 'that'?

"I jog at this track every day and there is always that one guy who has to go against the grain and run in the opposite direction."

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I'd say it's just an adjective answering "which one," where "these"and "those" would answer "which ones." So you could call it a demonstrative adjective.
"This" and "that" can also serve as pronouns, but in your example they're adjectives because they modify nouns.
They could refer to physical distance, as the near one vs. the far one; or they could refer to "the one I'm thinking of" vs. the one you're thinking of.

In comparing "There's always this one guy who etc." and "There's always that one guy:"this" is the one you're about to describe, and "that" is the legendary one - that one guy whom everybody talks/knows about - not a specific guy, but "that" generic guy who always goes against the grain.

When we say, "There's one in every crowd," we're talking about that guy. Of course you may go on to explain why "this one guy" whom you know about, is an example of "that one guy" who is described in the legend.

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