Clark: Think I finally have something for the front page.
Tess: An article?
Clark: I found a stack of missing person
cases that no one's talking about. Forsaken cases?
This city is being attacked, and no one seems to care.
Tess: Kind of makes you wish the Red-blue Blur
wasn't sitting down on the job. Not to do his job?
I can't print this. They're called facts, Clark,
and you don't have any.
Clark: You don't care about these victims?
You're sweeping this under the rug. Cover it up?
Tess: Great. Another conspiracy theory,
'cause I love those. Look closely. You will not find a web of lies
behind this facade.
Is she refering to her face by facade?
And does she mean she's not hiding anything?

That would be your department. You're the expert?
"that no one's talking about" - for some reason these are not attracting media attention, although they ordinarily would.
"sitting down on the job" - yes, not doing his job. A similar expression is "lying down on the job." The inference is that you have to stand up to do the work Emotion: smile
"Sweep under the rug" - yes, cover up, just as a careless housecleaner might sweep a pile of dirt under the corner of a rug instead of going to the trouble of getting out the dustpan.
"Facade" - the word derives from the same root as "face," I'm sure, but it means an artificial front, not the face on your body. http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/facade
And yes, Tess is saying that Clark will not find anything.
"That would be your department" - in a business, there might be a department for marketing, accounting, product development, etc. In each of these departments, the employees are "experts" in their particular specialty.
Thanks for the thorough explanation, D!