Hillary has a plan to restore America's middle class. After six and a half years of Bush administration policies, the middle class is struggling to succeed in an economy that is leaving more and more Americans behind.

What's the meaning of leaving behind here?


If life is a race to the finish line of economic success, more and more members of the American middle class (and other, lower classes as well) are falling behind. Or, if the economy is an express train that's going to carry Americans to financial success, many of them are being left at the station.
I'm not sure which metaphor is more precise, to tell you the truth.
>What's the meaning of leaving behind here?
people are left poor, or not prosperous
many middle-class people become poor
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I think the phrase means "not taking those people on the ride." As to which ride or what ride it is referring to, I think Delmobile did a good job.
"Struggle to succeed" has lately acquired a connotation of "struggle to survive [as a member of the middle class]," while "economic success" and "financial success" have acquired a connotation of "excess."

In evolution, the struggle to survive and the struggle to succeed seem equivalent. To thrive seems excessive. The cockroach is the most successful critter on the planet.

Not to be political, I read the quote as "being left behind in the struggle to survive," not the struggle to thrive.

I'd agree that from the point of view of "third world countries," the American middle class is excessive, but not to a Democrat, and surely not to a Republican.

- A.
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