I'm not sure about the pronuntation of theses words

thawed, machinations, divisive, womb, lamentable, consortium, quieten, revolutionize, unparalleled

some doubts with the 'd' in during


Thawed, machinations, divisive, womb, lamentable, consortium, quieten, revolutionise, unparalleled

Wow Hitch! that sounds absolutely marvellous.[8]
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Thank you for those sounds.

I can't pronounce correctly the /w/ in the words that begin with the sound /wu:/ like womb, wound, and some that begin by /wu/ like wood, would.

As I can't do it by inner ear imitation, I was watching the mouth/lips of the teacher but still unsuccesful. Please, some help about how to use lips or tongue or throat or from where to obtain that sound? I know the answer can vary depending on the letters following, so, I think I have to memorise and parrot them.

Can you say again here if you have time? Would, wood, womb, wound. If there are more words like these , please, include them, I don't know any else. When you have time.

Would, wood, womb, wound

Would & wood are pronounced in the same way.

Thank you
I think I already have the sound, I can say it Emotion: smile I just imagine I am going to say 'work' or 'well' and then I really say 'wood' or wound' and soEmotion: smile
I got ittttttttt
Emotion: big smile
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hehe, happy to help!