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I am writing this research about the 3 stages of the lesson. I found something,but I am not sure whether it really benefits my research. Here is what I found:

Stage 1: Pre-Lesson Preparation

  1. Goals

  2. Content

  3. Student entry level

Stage 2: Lesson Planning and Implementation

  1. Unit title

  2. Instructional goals

  3. Objectives

  4. Rationale

  5. Content

  6. Instructional procedures

  7. Evaluation procedures

  8. Materials

Stage 3: Post-Lesson Activities

  1. Lesson evaluation and revision


Are these stages are the same ones I am looking for?

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I think, they are not.
The three stages of a lesson should be: presentation (of a structure or new vocab) , practice (controlled or semi-controlled) and production (free practice).
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thanks for your reply. However, I need more information about them. I will absolutely sreach again Emotion: smile

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Students: We have free audio pronunciation exercises.

but tell what´is the main stage of the lesson?