the advanced technology of German,Japanese and Italian

One Friday Evening at a pub, one German guy is drinking the beer, Japanese is drinking the Sake,Italian is drinking the red wine. They are all a bit drunk and starting to boast to each other how advanced their country's technology is.

German guy told other two, just a moment, I'v got a voice message from my palm, I need to put on my ear to listen this voice message.

Suddenly, there is a ring tone comes from this Japanese guy whom is very toplofty, he opens his palm like a mobile phone ,then put on his ear ,he starts to talk.

After German guy and Japanese guy showed off, they are expecting to see how advances of this Italian country's technology.

Italian is quite upset because they are really not good at these things, but they are good at creativity, then he goes to Toilet and came back in a while, there is a long long toilet paper come from his buns and drag it all along the floor, German and Janpanese look at each other, is this Italian drunk or what?

then this Italian perkily said: I'm receiving a fax!!!
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Thanks and I am so happy you have fun out of it.