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Winter night
by Attila Jozsef ( translation by me) - parts of the poem

“ Sparkling, as the thought itself,
the winter night breathes.”

‘ In cold space a raven is flying
and silence’s got cool. Do you hear, bones, the stillness?
Molecules clink . A girl is crying.”

“ Where from dusk a rusty leaved tree
bends forward
The winter night I measure.
As owner does,
measuring his treasure.”

“ The night has risen, as smoke from the chimney,
with its sparkling stars.”

“ The fine glass
of the air,
has been scratched by branches here and there.”
Different but I like it. I like the way the lines are built.
Other advantages are to listen to Bela Bartok's music played by Hungarians and to share nationality with Bartok, Zoltan Kodaly and to have the Liszt's Hungarian Rapshodies[8]
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