I would like to portray the advantages and disadvatages of Movies on people. In general, we watch Movies for relaxation from stress, entertainment, and learning or reinforce one's linguitic skills in releative languages. There are many advantages by watching a movie compare with disadvantages, in my opinion disadvantages depend upon a person perception.
There are several kinds of movies a movie based on an auethentic story it will heels you, a movie based Science-fiction, it gives you knowledge as well as awareness, Sociao fantancy movie presents the history of ancient ages, an auto bioigraphy protrays chracter of concern person. Do not forget it depend upon the director's view. you you on great A movie gives you refreshment from depression mood, it is depend on what sort of movie you have watched.
Taking on advantages, for instance From my personal experience recently I have a watched film called "My Name is Khan" the film is about a common man journey towards meet the president of United states. The story it spreads the human values around the world and sowed the humanity in people hearts. And there is another film called Finding nemo the story about rescue his son from a Dentist, in spite of odds he saved his son eventually.
In a conclusion, the advantages and disadvantages are depend on the persons perception and director's view.
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Thanks in advance for reviewing my Essay, I would be more thaknful to you, if gave me anything suggestions to improve my language.

Hi This is mallibabu,

I like this story and copy it for prepare to my samy nar topic
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Well job done Pavan. You should also focus on spellings.
Wow! This is nice.Emotion: wink I like it so much.But you have to improve using of punctuation marks in it. Don't worry about that.Emotion: crying Be happy. You can improve it. ByeEmotion: wave.

Oh,thnx! That was a really nice job. I learned a lot fromthat. For feedback, you should correct minor spelling mistakes and maybe add a few more words in places like where you forgot to say nemo's dad . But anyways, NICE JOB!

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thanks for sharing your knowledge and wonderful experience Emotion: smile

but you might want to check on your spelling errors... Emotion: cool
you are absolutely correct in my view.For every thing there is an advantage and disadvantage also.This time please mention disadvantages also.Thank You
Well done Pavan ! Your post is really nice. But you still gotta improve your Grammar and spellings. Wish you good luck! You have a great potential.
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