In my opinion, I think that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages because pets provide you with so much. Even though they do become an inconvience at times, they are well worth the effort.

First of all, one advantage is that you can play with your pets. if you like to work out, you can take them running with you. Pets can keep you active wheich can turn out to be beneficial for your health and your body. It also gives you something to do, pets need attention as well as many needs that you have to keep up with.

Second of all, anouther advantage to owning your own pet is that animals give you some company. Like, I was at home alone all the time when i was younger, and my dog kept my company so that i wasnt completely alone. If you are like me and dont like being alone, or if you just want someone around so you dont go crazy you should try getting a pet. Animals can be very comforting when your alone.

Last but not least, pets give you and your home security. In alot of cases, dogs have saved numbers of lives. Dogs and sometimes cats will give you a warning when an intruder is around your property. It has been known that some animals will even attack if they feel a stranger is going to harm its owners. That can put you in a bad situation if the person ment no harm so its best to keep your dog trained to just warn a stranger and only attack when attacked. But the security helps to keep your home a safer place, some intruders might just see your animal and leave thinking they will get attacked.

In conclusion, I think that pets can be very helpful. Animals are very usefull around a house, especially, when you are at home alone alot. I personaly would say the advantages outwiegh the disadvantages, so maybe you should try getting a pet of your own.
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umm..u are only talking abt a dog..what abt other animals? it says: the advantages of owning a PET. not a dog.. pls improve on it, cheers! (:

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Minor point - you can't take all pets out running with you (imagine a cat on a run) - I would rephrase that sentence.

active wheich can
anouther advantage
Like, I was at home For example,
that i wasnt
when your alone
It has been known that some animals will even attack if they feel a stranger is going to harm its owners.
person ment no
its best
to just warn a stranger Do you expect the dog to warn the intruder or to warn you about the intruder?
very usefull
especially, when
alone alot
personaly would
outwiegh the

It is possible that you know all these words and are just typing too fast and not checking your work. However, the red words are all wrong.
than u very much:)
i do agree with your words having pets as a friend... what about its disadvantages???
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well i enjoyed what you had to say but why didn;t you just say

first i think this because........

1. they are loveable and fun to play with

2. Pets give people company

3. Pets give you and your home security

In my conclusion i think pets are very helpful

thats how you should of wrote that instead of wasting your time to poeple who will not even finish reading it.
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but dog is a pet . right ?
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