I hope you do not mind but I'd like to enquire about the recently screened: The Adventure of English. I thought this was an excellent series but unfortunately I missed several episodes from series one and two. I am wondering if any person has the series taped and would not mind providing me with a copy?; I would pay for the tapes or disks etc. I do hope someone could be of help as the producers assure me that there are no plans to make it available on DVD or to show it again. Any help or information that you are able to provide would be very much appreciated.

Best regards,

Peter Coldham
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I am sending you a link to the whole series to download free of charge. I did :-)) Enjoy Best George R. Toronto, On. Canada

Did you ever get your copies of the series.... 4-8 and currently showing in canada...
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>>Both diachronically and synchronically the major interest in the English language lies in the UK. If you travel one hundred miles from any one point in the UK to any other you will hear more varieties of English than if you travel from the Rio Grande to the Arctic Circle.<<

These statements beg, or possibly scream for dispute.

If you travel from South Georgia to North Georgia, the language changes. If you travel from one county to the next in Georgia, the accent changes. Swamp country versus flats versus foothills versus mountains...all with different traditions and varieties of the English language. That's just within one state. If you travel from Mississippi to Virginia, you will hear totally different tones, sounds, and most importantly, words. State to State? North to South? There are profound differences. East to West; more so. Alaska? Yet again.

If you want to compare very large cities, that's another matter. Cities tend to have certain constants, for obvious reasons. Maybe you watch a lot of American television?

Why would one presuppose that, "the major interest in the English language lies in the UK."?



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AnonymousWhy would one presuppose that, "the major interest in the English language lies in the UK."?
I made the observation in the context of the Adventure or Story of English. I was not making any narrow nationalistic point or suggesting that any non-UK varieties of English are "uninteresting".

The history of English is usually divided into three periods: Old English, Middle English and Modern English. By the time the Age of Discovery began Modern English, at least in its early form, was already established and it was Modern English that was exported to different corners of the world. So, if you are studying the history of English from its earliest recorded forms (circa 700) to, say, 1500 it is no good looking outside the UK, or more precisely, the British Isles.

When looking at the varieties of English today, it comes down to a question of the degree of homogeneity. Despite the fact that there may be differences between English as spoken in one part of any state of the US and another, as a whole, the English of N. America is more homogenous than the English of the British Isles. Incidentally, one of the major dialect divisions of the US runs east-west through Georgia.
Try eBay from an Australian seller (Region 4).philsales. This is where I got my copy of the DVDs (official ones)
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To whom it may concern,

You can but the 2 disk dvd series over-seas for about $30.00AU. However, if your not from that region, then you'll most likely have to but a CODE FREE, or REGION FREE DVD PLAYER, or RECORDER. And, please make sure that it is compatable with your T.V.

You can either GOOGLE the key word: The adventure Of English
Also, on the dvd case I got, it had some other possible leads, such as TIME LIFE, and GRANADA INTERNATIONAL. Try their web-sites.

I, hope tis has been a help. $929.00, ARE THEY CRAZY!!!

Robert N.

P.S. You may reply to me if you wish at: <email address removed by a mod. Please register and include it in your profile.>
I am also interested in purchasing "The Adventure of English" DVD set. I found a few sellers of the set on Ebay, but they are located in Australia and the DVDs are region 4, which does not help me. For those of you who would like to purchase the dvds and have a region 4 or multi-region dvd player, they are selling for about $25. I also found independent sellers of just about every region except region 1 by doing an advanced google search. I hope this helps!

If anyone finds a region 1 dvd set please let me know! (besides the sets for $1,000.) Thanks!!
Hi George,

I saw your link and downloaded the Adventure of English files. Great video but no sound. Did you get sound? If you did, then I need to figure out what to do. Thanks. GC London Canada
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I have it on DVD. e-mail me if you are interested. <email address removed by a mod. Please register and include it in your profile.>
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