I hope you do not mind but I'd like to enquire about the recently screened: The Adventure of English. I thought this was an excellent series but unfortunately I missed several episodes from series one and two. I am wondering if any person has the series taped and would not mind providing me with a copy?; I would pay for the tapes or disks etc. I do hope someone could be of help as the producers assure me that there are no plans to make it available on DVD or to show it again. Any help or information that you are able to provide would be very much appreciated.

Best regards,

Peter Coldham
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have you already found the dvd?
it is being re-broadcast on History International channel at 7am EST; currently they are almost at the end of the 8 episodes, but hopefully they will show it again...
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I too missed part of it -- the first two episodes. But I have all the rest. I was hoping they'd run it again, but apparently not from what you say. I will be happy to make tapes for you (at cost only) of the episodes I have.
Jim Minarik
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I have been watching this series for quite a while now on the History International Channel, and have seen the whole series two times over so far, so i think they are keen to keep repeating it.

Whilst searching for the order of the episodes of 'the adventures of English' I've just come across your post (5 years late!). I've recently just watched and downloaded them on youtube.


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