"To use Žižek’s frame, the four concepts of the party are concentration, endurance, fidelity, and transference... Žižek’s four concepts remain spontaneous, descriptive of revolution’s atmosphere and of the affective responses that bear witness to the people as their cause. They lack political form." (jodi Dean, Comrade)

I couldn't figure the emphasized phrase, what does that mean?


You don't see the noun "affect" very much. It is an imprecise term from psychology meaning something like bearing, mein, attitude, how you show what you feel. It can mean the feelings themselves as they motivate. The writer got a little carried away, as these PhD types tend to do when they get tenure and don't have to answer to anybody. She says that X bears witness to Y as Z, but what she meant was that X bears witness to the fact that Y is Z. Zizek's four concepts are manifest in the emotional responses of the revolutionaries, and those emotional responses reveal that their motivation is the good of the people. So says Zizek.


This is an excellent explanation, anonymous, thanks a lot.