Learning English is my hobby .I think my level is intermediate now ,so do you recommend to learn the American accent at this stage. I don't know whether it's difficult or not ,but since I watch American movies every day , I think the learning process won't be that difficult.

I've found some interesting books about this accent in the library .
So what do you recommend…I really need some good advice
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There are several American accents. Regional accents such as western, southern and Appalachian, are quite distinct as are accents specific to cities (especially Boston and New York).
I suppose the "standard" American accent would be the one used by the national news anchors. Just listen online or continue to watch movies. See if you can identify the different accents!
It can be quite difficult to change an accent, because we learn when we are very young to mimic the sounds we hear around us.
mubrik88do you recommend to learn the American accent at this stage.
The American accent is worth learning at any stage. Many learners find it easier than any other accent. I think you're right that you won't find it difficult because of your experience with watching American movies.

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Hi mubrik88

You might be interested in these sites if you want to familiarise yourself with the American accent. A lot of the articles there are read aloud. VOA also has a 'Learning English' section which you might find useful. I suppose most them are read in the 'standard' American accent since they are targeted at both the national and international audience. I would sometimes browse the articles/programs by their topics so I could listen to what I find interesting.

Voice of America

National Public Radio
http://www.npr.org /

You should have learned about pronunciation since the beginning! It's important!

Anyway, it's not too late, don't worry. Emotion: wink
If you think you're going to hear more American English than British English, or if you plan to go to the US, or if you just like American accents more, then I suggest you learn more about American English. That's what I decided to do too, and decided I would use an American accent, but after a while I realized... you won't just hear one accent though: if you pay attention to what you hear you'll realize there's actually a lot of different accents (from different part of the US, from the UK, foreign accents, etc.). That's why the more you learn about English in general, the better.

Starting with a general American accent is a good idea: that's what I did too. What I did was read "American Accent Training" by Ann Cook (and listen to the audio files that come with the course), and that boosted my listening skills. Before that, I hardly knew what spoken American English was, I'm afraid.
One warning: don't take any courses like that like "the bible" that will tell you how everyone is supposed to speak. I told you, the reality is that you'll hear a lot of different ways of speaking when you watch movies. However, that course is very complete so it's a perfect starting point, and it's probably more than enough for the vast majority of learners. Here's the official website. Good luck. Emotion: smile

http://www.americanaccent.com /
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Thank you all for your helpthe links and the advices which you wrote were a big help for me ,and gave me a great boost to continue learning more and more
By the way I have found some great lessons in YouTube about the accents
Check this out:

Amazing !!!
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A very interesting and entertaining clip, Mubrik88. That last one, the Trans-Atlantic accent, was certainly new to me. Emotion: smile

Emotion: starI honestly believe that is not too late for you to study anything at all. I envy your courage to learn America Accent. But i must confess to you that you have to do more than just watching American Movies. They are other materials that can enhance your efficiencies in Accent. Plaese see< Link removed by mod.>

Congratulations on your enthusiasm in such a complicated hobby.

It is not necessary to have an American accent, but is more important to be able to pronounce words correctly so that others will understand you. To acquire a complete American accent is not a realistic goal unless you were trained that way from the beginning of your language learning process. There are so many factors that go into language learning that it can become too complicated and confusing. The point is not to sound exactly like the American, but to make sure that you are pronouncing words, phrases correct.

Also "American Accent" is an extremely broad term because the accent changes from state to state and region to region. So, you can speak and understand English well and move to a southern state like Louisiana and not understand a word of what is being said or for that matter people may not understand you.

So basically make sure that you know the phonetics (sounds) of the words that you are pronouncing. You can speak English with your own accent and be understood providing that your pronunciation is as it should be.

The following link will be helpful (URL removed by mod).
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