Sorry, can't find the appropriate forum for this post--could anyone please transer this post to where it belongs? Thanks!

Today, I bought The American Heritage English as a Second Language (Houghton Mifflin Company) and Randon House Webster's Dictionary of American English.

They are very explicit [just like Amy's posts Emotion: smile] and user-friendly. Have any of you seen any of the mentioned books? It would be nice to have a few comments from you...


I have the RandomHouse dictionary on my hard drive. I bought it from the USA a few years ago. Because of so many of thse dictionaries are sold, it was ridiculously cheap. I think the CD cost me about €30 including the postage! A similar dictionary of the Finnish language is so expensive that I don't want to buy one.Emotion: smile (There are only 5 million Finns.)

I use The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, exclusively. It is descriptive rather than prescriptive, and it offers many notes on usage, pronuciation and history. I didn't know they had one specifically for second language learners. You have chosen wisely, in both cases.