With more than 25 years in the hospitality industry, Clark has worked for some of the world's finest hotels. He is currently serving as tthe General Manager of the Fairmont Olympic Hotel and has received the American Hotel and Lodging Association's General Manager of the Year award.


Is "and lodging" in the above optioal? If not, what does it mean? Thanks.
No, it's not optional, because it is part of the association's name.
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Thanks, Nona.

I mean, aren't hotel and lodging about the same in meaning? If yes, are they redundant?
Fairmont Hotel and Motel 6 are in the same business which mainly is to provide a facility for travelers to spend a night or two. But the target customers are of different economic classes. A hotel and a lodge don't have the same level of amenity and comfort. So they are not the same and thus not redundant.
Thanks, Anon.

What are the differences between a hotel and a lodge in the context?
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Hotels have bellhops to help you with your bags to your room whereas a lodge is self-serviced. When people decide to go with a lodge, they don't expect a lot in the ways of luxury and amenity but a clean bed and a hot shower should be provided. Anything comes on top of that is a bonus.

Hotels have full service restaurants, launges and room service among other serivces. A lodge has none of that; maybe a vending machine in the lobby or hallway that is if you are lucky.