I know that sometimes we can use 'the', for example 'the British'. Sometimes we need to use 'the' + adjective + s..., for example the Americans.

Are my nouns ok?
  1. the British
  2. the Irish
  3. the Greeks
  4. the Koreans
  5. the Spanish
  6. the French
  7. the Japaneese
  8. the Germans
  9. the Chineese
  10. the Canadians
  11. the Swiss
  12. the Americans
  13. the Dutch
  14. the Polish

Would be very grateful for your help.

Thank you!

Kind regards,

All OK except 'the Japanese' and 'the Chinese'. You have too many e's. Emotion: smile

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Thank you very much!

Yes, I haven't noticed these mistakes Emotion: smile

Kind regards!
CoincidenceYes, I haven't hadn't noticed these mistakes
Native speakers use "hadn't" in this context. I hadn't noticed them (before you pointed them out).

CoincidenceThank you very much!
You're very welcome. Emotion: wink

Thank you for this useful remark Emotion: smile

Best regards.
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