The Ant and the Cricket - Part 1 :: Ancient Relationships

Yo! I read the poem " The ant and the cricket " and I got this cool Idea! I converted the story into a book and added prequels and sequels to it! Please comment on it. Thank You! I am working on it daily and I will post 1 chapter a day.

Chapter 1 :- Since 1500 B.C

During the year 1500 B.C, famine hit the insect world. The worst hit were the ants, as they had to scavenge for food. The crickets were not hit badly, because they had a large storage of food. They helped the needy and they helped the ants to regain their strength. The other insects did not like this because the ants were already powerful and if they got the crickets' support, they could be unstoppable. Thus, all other insects joined together in an effort to defeat and loot the Crickets and Ants. This rebellion was lead by the Mosquitoes and Butterflies. The ants, though, sacrifised themselves to save the lives of the crickets. While the ants were hit by the rebels, the crickets had time to regroup. They planned out the attack and crushed the rebels. They also saved millions of ants, who in turn collected information about the rebels and their plans.

This war was led to resources being extinguished. The Rebels were held responsible for the downfall of the insects. The rebels resisted paying the war compensations and they were raided. The Ants and Crickets then wrote down the laws of insects, which was to divide the insect kingdom into different clans. Each clan had to maintain intra-clan and inter-clan relationships. This kind of division was to improve relationships with other insects and speeden up the development of insects. The Ants, Termites and The Giant Glowerants were grouped as Crawlers while the Crickets, Grasshoppers and the Stick-Insects were grouped as Hoppers. Other clans were created, though it was made sure that one individual clan was not strong enough to overthrow the balance between insects ( exceptions : Crawlers, Hoppers. This was because they were the controllers of this balance. ).

The insects lived peacefully till the late 150 B.C. The year 150 BC saw another uprising, this time not against the Ants and the Crickets, but against the Mosquitoes and the Butterflies. They were convicted in the Insect Court for Treason and Betrayal, though the Mosquitoes and Butterflies were released. This release resulted in revoluiton, though this revolution was forgot about by most of the Insect population.

Next Chapter :- Insect War 2 : causes and results

Note: Giant Glowerants were destroyed during the I.W 2.
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