Can I say "The poor Countries" or must I say "_Poor Countries"?

Isn't there a rule in Standard British Grammar according to which I put the article because I mean "The poor Countries (as opposed to the rich Countries)"?

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yes, I'd say that "rule" applies to most nouns. It's a general one.

Poor countries... (When talking about poor countries in general)
The poor countries... (When referring to some specific poor countries, or when emphazising a contrast, for example the contrast with rich countries)

Just my opinion. There might be more to say on this, so wait for confirmation. Emotion: smile
countries, not Countries.

If you are opposing one known set of specific countries to another, you say

The rich countries ...
... and the poor countries ...

But if you want to talk only about poor countries in general, without any specific countries in mind, you say

Poor countries ...

It is best to write an entire sentence or two so we have some context to help us decide which is better.

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Hmm. The must/have to distinction is controversial, as far as I can remember.
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There are quite a number of things I don't agree with in this text.

Can you paste it here in a format that I can then copy and edit? I can't seem to do that at present.

Best wishes, Clive
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I am very pleased that you are interested in my summary. I hope this Word document will work.

The Convention.doc

Emanuela from Italy
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Hi Emanuela,

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