Teahchers, please explain to me about the usages of articles in the following examples:

a. Some phrasal verbs with on share a meaning of dependence/reliance.

b. On can also convey the idea of continuing in an irritating or boring way.

With the 'meaning', the article 'a' was used, while with the 'idea' the article 'the' was used, and I don't understand why. Does the word dependence has some different meanings?? thanks
a. The writer is thinking of many meanings, and this is one (= 'a').
b. The writer is thinking of a specific idea: the idea of continuing, etc.
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Thanks a lot Mr Micawber! I still don't understand your explanation, though. Could you be more specific please, like giving me some more examples. Thank you so much!
More examples will not help. We speak and often write linearly:

share a meaning of dependence/reliance.-- in this sentence, the writer is not thinking ahead: he mentions that there is a meaning. Just one of many meanings in the world. Only after that does he make it specific by assigning a specific meaning ('of dependence/reliance').

convey the idea of continuing -- In this sentence, the writer is thinking ahead: he knows that he is going to be specific about the idea ('of continuing'), so he uses the definite article beforehand, even though the specifics follow the noun.
Thanks so much, Mister Micawber! Now I understand what you're saying. [Y]
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