I read a previous post regarding the different reasons men and women are initially attracted to one another. I would like to further that somewhat and would love to hear more comments from women......

As honest as I can be: I am a fairly young guy (32 yrs old) and am in good physical shape. I get a lot of compliments that suggest I am attractive. However, I could use a little advice when initially meeting women. Am I too confident? Not confident enough? I haven't put a finger on what women are really attracted to. I try to be myself. I am very energetic and have a great sense of humor. I've read that it's all about confidence and security. What is the line between confident and arrogant? It's almost as if women prefer a child inside with a beast outside? I often see women with men and wonder how on Earth they could be attracted to him. I may view him as rude and arrogant and the woman seems to love it. Also, a lot of the time, a man will be sweet and romantic with HER and rude and obnoxious with EVERYONE else. It seems 'fake' to me. I give up!! Emotion: smile

Any pointers, ladies?
First of all, you can't generalise because women aren't all attracted to the same sort of guy. Some women put good looks and big muscles at the top of their list (don't get me wrong though, some women think that big muscles are vile), while others prioritise qualities like a good sense of humour, confidence and intelligence.
I know that this is the most cliche' and boring advice that I can give you, but the best thing IS to just be yourself. That's the only way that you will attract the kind of woman that you want after all, someone who likes you for who you are. Quality over quantity! I can't tell you where the line between confidence and arrogance is, but I think you know that already. I'm a woman, and to me,arrogance is one of the most unattractive qualities I can think of. It's great that you have a good sense of humour, that's a thing that most women look for in a guy "someone who can make them laugh", well, to be precise, someone they can laugh with, someone who has a similar sense of humour to theirs and can laugh with them at even the stupid little things that would seem silly to most people but are funny to them. Being a good person is also really important, keep working on your soul because with everybody there's always room for improvement. But obviously, being a good person doesn't mean letting people walk all over you. Good eye contact and smiling goes a long way too. Also try to compliment them every now and again, "your new hair cut really suits you" "that's a nice coat you're wearing"....women LOVE being noticed!
I can't really think of any other pointers except to keep yourself moderately well groomed (without going overboard....many men nowadays are waaaay to vain!!), getting a nice hair cut (hair is OH SO important...hair says a lot about a person), make sure you're always nice and clean.
If I think of anything else I'll post.
Thanks for your response. I have no problem attracting women physically, but just thought some advice from a female may help in other areas as well.

Thanks again,

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1) Make us chuckle - and not by repeating whatever lame joke your colleague at work told you, show a bit of real wit.

2) Don't take yourself too seriously. If you can laugh at yourself it's a good sign that you are secure and confident.

3) Be interested in us. Ask us questions and lead into a real conversation. Remember that it is supposed to be reciprical. Too many men are
'So what do you do?' '
I'm a lion tamer.'
'Really? That's interesting. I'm an IT buyer and I blah blah blah.....three computers........my own desk......blah blah............Trevor the fish...........blah blah blah...........brown of course..........blah blah boring blah.'
(not that I am saying IT buyers are boring, it's just an example)

4) Have something to talk about. What was in the news?

5) Don't be too 'matey'. It sounds as though maybe you fall into a 'friend' mode too much too soon instead of a 'potential date' mode.

6) Talk to the face not any other part of anatomy!
Thanks, Nona! Great advice!